Our Story

I was Sherpa and I did trekking at the time of 1990. First time in 1995 AD I had been touched Europe first. At that time I found surprisingly developed Europe. I Comparison of our village Kharikhola although Nepal with the Europe. I found far distance gaped of development. I feel and thought that Kharikhola was at the time of 15th century. At that time my village Kharikhola was not developed. We couldn’t get any Health Service & treatment, Proper education, community civilizes. It made me think deep and have to do something for Kharikhola near future.
At 1999 I met & introduced Swiss friend Mr. Serge Curate at the time of Langtang Gosaikund Trekking. At that time we had talked some of community help & services for Kharikhola. After 2 years at 2001 when I was at Europe at that time we established a NGO Action Kharikhola Association Switzerland & started the small help package for Kharikhola.
At 2006 I meet Nicole Turoude, teacher of International School France. It was the great time, I consoled with about Kharikhola Education. After consoled she established the Kharikhola School Project. This project Started to help on the education sector of Kharikhola.
In the Europe, we did Dozens of seminar & conference at Switzerland, France, German and Belgium for collect fond. After that we reconstructed and build Kharikhola Hospital, Kharikhola School Boys hostel, Kharikhola School building, Kharikhola School Library, computer lab, Girls Hostel building and helped on sports materials.
And we also founded on Dudhkoshi Micro Hydro Power II as 50 percent of share holder. Now the villagers have light and student can read and write at night easily.
We also build the women committee education building. It helps the community for swing training, literacy night class for women and many more community program.
At kharikhola School, 150 poor and dalit students have got scholarship and these are continuing. Every year minimum 50 students are getting scholarship for their better study by supporting of Kharikhola School Project Swiss-France.
Now we are looking for sustainable management that’s why we birth Action Kharikhola Nepal. Action Kharikhola Nepal is caring, guardianship and manages all kind of service at Kharikhola.

One and half decade ago, there was no hospital at Kharikhola. That’s why many of the patients have go difficulty-far for treatment. Even cough patients couldn’t find the medicine. Serious patients have to take on Doko(Bambo Basket) for more than 3 days continue walking. It was really very painful that poor community had to see members live death without any treatment & medicine.

Now, the hospital is established founding by Action Kharikhola Association Switzerland and thousands of Himalayas people are getting better Health treatments. Services are continuing but Earthquake 2015 destroyed the hospital. After earthquake we maintained the hospital building and services are keeping continue. But it is not enough so we are planning to reconstruction the Kharikhola Hospital.